2022 Aviation Innovations Airship Conference – Montreal, May 26th

2022 Aviation Innovations Airship Conference – Montreal, May 26th

The 2022 Aviation Innovations Conference brings together representatives from all segments of the aerospace and aviation supply chains. You should participate in these packed days because you are a stakeholder in this critical industry, either as an airship manufacturer, fixed base operator, logistics provider, First Nations leader, government policymaker/regulator, academic, consultant, investor, student, or as […]

Sustainable Timber Harvesting Using Airships

Sustainable Timber Harvesting Using Airships

The forest industry is a cornerstone of the Canadian economy. In 2019, the forest sector employed over 200,000 workers and contributed about $23.7 billion to the nominal gross domestic product. The rich softwood forests of the Pacific coastal mountain region, which are about 23% of the Canadian forests, provide 40% of the jobs. The other […]

Remember the Hindenburg? Forget the Hindenburg!

By: Barry Prentice ~ Opinion: Canada’s ban on hydrogen airships is misguided and needs to be revoked Hydrogen is not just the transportation fuel of the future: it is here now. Hydrogen gas is already used to power road vehicles (cars, trucks, buses), fork-lift trucks and even, in Germany, trains. Aviation is the next […]

Op-ed: Transport Canada 2030 strategic plan missing a key plank

By: Barry Prentice ~ The following is an op-ed written by Barry Prentice, professor of supply chain management in the Asper School of Business. It was originally published in the Hill Times on Feb. 22, 2021. In 1936, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King observed “that if some countries have too much history, we […]

Hydrogen gas-fuelled airships could spur development in remote communities

By: Barry E. Prentice, What do tomatoes, hemp and hydrogen gas have in common? Only one thing: they were all victims of misinformation that banned their use. Harmless products that could have had a positive role in the economy and society were shunned for generations. It seems incredible today to think that Europeans believed […]

Addressing Canada’s Indigenous Housing Shortage

Addressing Canada’s Indigenous Housing Shortage

Canada has a significant and persistent shortage of housing in northern Indigenous communities. The problem is referenced in the 2019 Report by the United Nations Assembly General on Adequate Housing, which recommends that “States should, as a matter of priority, address the abhorrent housing conditions of Indigenous peoples”. The housing conditions included in the report […]

How airships could provide the future of green transport

By: AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD, The UK is a leader in the airship revival, going head to head with France in an escalating global race Zeppelins and dirigible airships are with us again after eighty years out of favour – faster and hopefully much safer than in the inter-War era – promising ultra-low carbon air transport […]

Remembering the R-100 visit to Canada

By Kenneth I. Swartz ~ Skies Mag Ninety years ago, almost a million and a half Canadians looked skywards to see His Majesty’s Airship R-100 slowly sail across the sky on a 13-day visit to Quebec and Ontario following a record setting 3,364-mile (5,414-kilometre) non-stop flight from England. The 719-foot 9.5-inch (219-metre) long R-100 was […]

The airship is making a futuristic, luxury comeback

By Starre Vartan – July 28, 2020 Picture it: Dancing the night away with cocktails in hand, fresh air breezing over your skin as you step out onto a quiet balcony. Below, lights from small towns dot Earth’s darkened landscape as you pass overhead, the moon reflected in an inky lake. This is how air […]

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