Milder winters raise ice road anxiety – Winnipeg Free Press

Remote Manitoba communities worried over looming loss of land access MAGGIE MACINTOSH AS climate change makes Manitoba winters increasingly unpredictable, leaders in remote First Nations are crossing their fingers, hoping for a long-lasting winter road season so residents can travel and essential goods can be transported via truck. “Every year, you worry: ‘If they’re not […]

An airborne alternative

A LONGTIME champion of airships is urging the province to get on board with the mode of transportation so it can become a future method of delivering goods to remote communities. For years, Barry Prentice, a member of the University of Manitoba’s Transport Institute, has been touting cargo airships as a carbon-neutral option — they’re […]

History: the Zeppelin Age

History: the Zeppelin Age

New technologies tend to make great demands on the imagination because everything about them is novel and unprecedented. Even if you grasp the essence of the new technology, the implementation snafus, varied applications, impact and hype, cannot be imagined. The unusual thing about airships is that they are not new, and so we can learn […]

PODCAST: Cautionary Tales Ep 4 – The Deadly Airship Race

By Tim Harford Listen to podcast here: “A British Lord wanted to build the best airship in the world – and so he had two rival design teams battle it out to win the juicy government contract. Competition is supposed to bring the best out of people, but run in the wrong way it […]

PODCAST: Could airships be the cargo carriers of the future?

By Hugh Riminton on Sunday Extra Listen to podcast here: With growing concerns about the high GHG emissions produced by jet aircraft and shipping, scientists and engineers are looking at a new generation of low or no-emission airships to carry cargo around the world. Guest: Barry Prentice – President of Buoyant Aircraft Systems International […]

Rigid Airships and Blimps: Two structural approaches to cargo transport

Rigid Airships and Blimps: Two structural approaches to cargo transport

The Goodyear blimp is a household name and the most visible instance of applied airship technology today. In some respects, it is the best advertisement for the potential of airship technology to revolutionize future transportation, too. After operating GZ-20 blimps safely for 48 years (1969-2017), Goodyear retired the last of these well-known blimps and replaced […]

Planes Are Ruining the Planet. New, Mighty Airships Won’t.

Article By Starre Julia Vartan – This August, Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic in a zero-emission sailboat to protest the high carbon footprint of plane travel. But there’s good reason to think she may someday travel to climate protests via airship — the same giant aircraft, buoyed by gas-filled balloons, that were popular […]

Airships – Challenges to Overcome

Airships – Challenges to Overcome

It is abundantly clear that airships have great potential, despite being slower than airplanes. Airships are relatively fast, capable of crossing oceans and able to hover. They are fuel efficient, with huge cargo bays, and require less infrastructure than competing modes of transport. Despite these clear benefits, implementation has been difficult. Four challenges confront the […]

Quebec defends $ 30 million investment in airships

Article By Mylène Crête in Quebec City – The Quebec government is right to invest $ 30 million in the construction of industrial airships, according to Barry Prentice, a transportation economics expert at the University of Manitoba who has been interested in this technology for many years. “This industry is still in its infancy, […]

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