All About Airships

All About Airships is a blog that seeks to educate the public about airship technology and provide a glimpse of the massive transportation revolution that the world can look forward to if rigid lighter-than-air airships (a.k.a. zeppelins) get enough capital investment to be built at efficient scale.

Barry E. Prentice, PhD

Barry E. Prentice, PhD, is a professor of transportation economics at the University of Manitoba. In 2011, Dr. Prentice founded Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI) as the first airship research centre in Canada. In 2018, he won the CanInfra Challenge People’s Choice, Award, for his “Electric Airship Transportation System” proposal. Professor Prentice has published over 20 papers on various aspects of airship market applications and economics.

Nathan Smith, PhD

Nathan Smith, PhD, is an economist working for the state government of Arkansas. Previously, he worked at the World Bank, the Cato Institute, Fresno Pacific University, and the InterMedia Survey Institute, plus two stints in tech startup, the online education venture Mindojo, and the airship startup Loft Aeronautics. He is an author at several blogs and has written many books and articles. He studied international development at Harvard and economics at George Mason, where he wrote a dissertation on the theory of technology.

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