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Aviation Innovations Conference: 2019 Cargo Airships – March 14-15, 2019, Toronto, ON Canada

This is the first airship conference in Canada, since the Remote No More Conference at Winnipeg in 2014. During the past five years, the acceptance of a Climate Crisis has broadened and with this, the interest in cargo airships as a solution to the increasing logistical problems of Northern Canada. The organization of the program follows a familiar format. The first day sets out the Demand for transportations in remote areas of the Canadian Shield and Arctic regions. The second day is designed to establish the Supply of transport airships to meet the identified needs for freight movements. This report is set out in the order of the invited experts’ presentations for the first day of the Conference. A summary of the second day will be prepared for a subsequent edition.

Read the conference proceedings in PDF format.

From the Airships to the Arctic VI Conference, Seattle, 2011

This conference was sponsored by various organizations including ISOPolar Airships Inc. and the Van Horne Institute.

Alan Handley Chairman and CEO, Varialift Airships PLC Ananthakrishna Sarma Senior Scientist, SAIC Dale George Chief Technical Officer, BASI
Dr. Harvey Brooks Deputy Minister – Community Services at Yukon Government Francis Govers Special Missions Manager Airship Ventures Guy Ginter Moose Cree First Nation
Hardy GieslerBusiness Development Director, Hybrid Air Vehicles Helen Kourous-Harrigan Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) Matt Morrigan Executive Director, Pacific NorthWest Economic Region
Richard Van Treuren Editor, Noon Balloon

From the Airships to the Arctic V Conference, Calgary, 2009

This conference was sponsored by various organizations including ISOPolar Airships Inc. and the Van Horne Institute.

Brandon Buerge Lead Scientist, Guardian Flight Systems David Limb B.Sc., Consultant Edward Pevzner Officer & Information System Security Manager, Aeros Aeronautical Systems Corp
Gennady Verba President, RosAeroSystems Gordon Taylor Business Development Manager, Hybrid Air Vehicles Hiroyuki Watanabe Representative Director, President Nippon Airship Corporation (NAC)
Jacques Collignon Senior Logistics Officer, World Food Program Juergen Bock SLTA Engineering-Consulting, Berne-Coldewei Kenneth Laubsch Program Manager and Chief Engineer, The Boeing Company
Paul Larson SCM Department Director, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba Rick Chale President & CEO, FWS Rob Heubert Associate Professor. University of Calgary

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