Free Public Lecture – Ice Roads & Cargo Airships

Free Public Lecture – Ice Roads & Cargo Airships

Free Public Lecture – Ice Roads & Cargo Airships

Free Public Lecture: Wednesday May 17, 7pm – 9pm

Ice roads and Cargo Airships –

State of the Technology and Opportunities for the North

Location: RBC Convention Centre, Room 2H (north building), 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Speakers: Ms Judy Klassen, Interim Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party and MLA for Kewatinook

Dr. Barry E. Prentice, Professor, University of Manitoba

The impact of climate change on the ice roads of Manitoba is impossible to ignore. Since 1997, their season has been halved, and the wide temperature variations now experienced are increasing the risk of using these life-lines to remote, fly-in communities. Judy Klassen, MLA represents the Manitoba riding of Kewatinook that has the largest fly-in communities. Judy has traveled these ice roads to meet her constituents and will speak personally about the conditions and challenges faced by the remote communities.

Fortunately, a solution to the failing ice road system may be just around the corner – cargo airships. Airship technology is being rediscovered, just like electric cars and wind turbines, as part of a new low-carbon future. Dr. Barry Prentice is a recognized expert in airship technology and has published extensively. He will be presenting the results of 17 years of research in this field.

Topics covered in the lecture:

  • Airship developments in the US, Brazil, Russia, France, England, Germany and Canada
  • Airship innovations – new materials, designs, ground handling systems
  • Opportunities that cargo airships offer to remote communities and resource developments
  • Environmental benefits and compatibility with northern values

The public is invited to learn more about this technology and what it could mean to Northern Canada.

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