Ribbon Cutting – BASI Research Airdock

Ribbon Cutting – BASI Research Airdock

Ribbon Cutting – BASI Research Airdock

Solar Power First


solar array“The airship is a green technology. It is the only potential means of cargo transport that can be economically powered by hydrogen gas and solar systems. BASI is committed to the development of a zero-carbon transport system to serve Northern Canada. In keeping with this goal, BASI decided to invest in a solar energy system to provide electricity to our research facility, and test the potential of solar power for use in northern airports across Canada.”

Barry Prentice, President: “The BASI Airdock is the first aviation hangar at any Canadian airport that is operating completely off the grid. Short days and cold temperatures in winter represent a challenge for solar power in Canada, but power can be stored as hydrogen for later use. Given the high cost and shortage of fuel in the North, a solar-hydrogen system could decrease costs, as well as reduce the burden that transportation places on the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The solar energy system was designed and installed by a Marchand, Manitoba company, EvolveGreen.CA http://www.evolvegreen.ca/solar.html

Lorena Mitchell, President, EvolveGreen.CA: “The falling cost of solar power systems and the rising consciousness of climate change is creating a growing demand for new installations. We support and encourage other green industries, like the emerging use of transport airships. EvolveGreen.CA takes pride in sourcing as much equipment as possible from Canadian suppliers.”

~ Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI) is a leading developer of airship technology in Canada. ~

EvolveGreen.CA Solar Power System Origin of Components:

  • Mc4 cables fabricated in Steinbach, MB by EvolveGreen.CA from cables made in Ontario.
  • Solar panels by Conergy Canada, Alberta.
  • Batteries made by Surrette in Springhill, NS.
  • Inverter manufactured by Magnum Energy, Everett, WA.
  • Charge controller manufactured by Midnite Solar, Arlington, WA.
  • Pole made and installed by Postech Canada, Bathurst, NB.
  • Panel racking made in California.



basi airdock

Take McPhillips Street (Hwy 8) north from Winnipeg, exit on McPhillips Rd (Hwy 230), exit right on Aviation Blvd, and take an immediate left on George Porayko Way, continue to the abandoned runway and turn left to the BASI Airdock.

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