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The World of Science – Airships

The World of Science – Airships

Published by The World of Science on March 5th, 2016: “The dream of floating up in gigantic airships has resurfaced. Now that aviation fuel is becoming increasingly expensive and emissions threaten climate has zeppelins once again become hot. Cheap, climate-smart and strong proponents want to see them in regular service across the globe. But can […]

Airships: The Heaven That Upstate New York Never Was

“‘All Over Albany’ recently posted this futuristic illustration of Troy, New York, drawn in 1916. The image shows Troy in the year 2016: the streets lined with streamlined buses and trolleys, the sky filled with giant airships and a rather phallic-looking building towering over downtown.” Published in Paleofuture, December 3rd, 2013: Click here to view […]

Vintage Airship Pictures

“Since the 1850s, engineers have been experimenting with powered lighter-than-air flight, essentially balloons with steering and propulsion.” This is a collection of vintage airship pictures. Published in The Atlantic, October 11th, 2013: Click here to view these pictures.

Come Take a Trip in my Airship (1904)

Airship history: “Rendition by Welsh-born baritone singer J. W. Myers of a song composed in 1904 by fellow countryman George “Honey Boy” Evans and written by the American Ren Shields. The song would go on to be recorded, with slight variations, by a string of popular musicians including Jonny Cash and more recently Natalie Merchant.” […]

Airship Transport of Minerals – A Vision of the Future

By: Dr. Barry E. Prentice & Dr. Edward Schiller, P.Geol. Mining development in remote areas has many challenges, but the cost of transportation has to be near the top of the list. Transportation infrastructure is expensive to build, particularly where environmental requirements, native land claims and permafrost soils are involved. The distances are long and […]

Economics of Airships for Perishable Food Trade

By: Barry E. Prentice, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba, Richard P. Beilock, University of Florida, and Alfred J. Phillips, A.J. Phillips & Associates Introduction The flight of the world’s first heavier-than-air powered vehicle took just 12 seconds in 1903 and heralded the birth of a new transport mode. In the days, months, and years that […]

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