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Sustainable Transportation: Airships Versus Jet Airplanes

Sustainable Transportation: Airships Versus Jet Airplanes

Reference: Prentice, Barry E. and Robert Knotts. “Sustainable Transportation: Airships Versus Jet Airplanes.” Canadian Transportation Research Forum. Proceedings Issue: 51st, Annual Meeting (2016): forthcoming SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION: AIRSHIPS VERSUS JET AIRPLANES Barry E. Prentice, University of Manitoba, and Robert Knotts, Airship Association Introduction The cloud that now surrounds the silver lining of jet airplanes is the […]

Ice roads, airships could work together

Ice roads, airships could work together

By: Barry Prentice Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition April 22, 2013 A11 A proposal to build an ice road from Churchill to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, has been presented with the endorsement of both federal and provincial politicians (Nunavut link down the road? March 23). Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Minister, Steve Ashton, is […]

Cargo Airships Versus All-Weather Roads – A Cost Comparison

By: Barry Prentice, Nirbir Grewal, Bryce Doell and Matt Adaman This paper will be presented in Halifax, Canada on June 2013 at the upcoming CTRF conference. Introduction Resource companies experience severe logistical challenges operating in Northern Canada. Developments in remote areas face high transportation costs, difficulty moving physically large cargo, and the extreme seasonality of […]

An Airship-Cargo Service Would Transform the Economy of the North

An Airship-Cargo Service Would Transform the Economy of the North

Dr. Barry E. Prentice, June 20th, 2011. The “bold idea” Diane Gray outlines to use the CentrePort model for the development of Churchill deserves analysis. Most observers of Northern transportation would agree the Port of Churchill has seldom lived up to either expectations or economic potential. Consequently, an assessment of this Arctic Gateway vision is […]

Airship Fuel Tankers for Northern Resource Development: A Requirements Analysis

Barry E. Prentice, Director, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba and Jim Thomson CA, Consultant, Mercatus Ventures Inc. Introduction Harsh Arctic conditions and the lack of transportation infrastructure frustrate northern development. Without an effective means of getting to market, rich mineral deposits that lay buried beneath the tundra will likely stay there. Ground based transportation in […]

Competing Technologies And Economic Opportunities For Northern Logistics: The Airship Solution

Barry E. Prentice, Supply Chain Management, University of Manitoba, and Stuart Russell, Braden Burry Expediting (BBE) Introduction Economic development in Northern Canada is constrained by the cost of transportation and logistics. The limited transportation options available increase the direct costs of shipping and add to the indirect costs of inventories. Concerns about climate change impacts, […]

Economics of Airships for Northern Re-supply

Barry E. Prentice, PhD, Director, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba, and Jim Thomson, CA, President, Mercatus Ventures Inc. Introduction Canadian society places a high value on the equity of access to basic services and the elimination of regional disparities. In the urban centres and more densely populated parts of rural Canada, where transportation and logistics […]

Economics of Airships for Perishable Food Trade

By: Barry E. Prentice, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba, Richard P. Beilock, University of Florida, and Alfred J. Phillips, A.J. Phillips & Associates Introduction The flight of the world’s first heavier-than-air powered vehicle took just 12 seconds in 1903 and heralded the birth of a new transport mode. In the days, months, and years that […]

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