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How airships could return to our crowded skies

By Mark Piesing (BBC) Airships lost out to conventional aircraft after a series of disastrous crashes. But now safer technology could be the key to their return. Zeppelins fill the skies of Philip Pullman’s epic trilogy of fantasy novels, His Dark Materials. The giant airships of his parallel universe carry the mail, transport soldiers into […]

Milder winters raise ice road anxiety – Winnipeg Free Press

Remote Manitoba communities worried over looming loss of land access MAGGIE MACINTOSH AS climate change makes Manitoba winters increasingly unpredictable, leaders in remote First Nations are crossing their fingers, hoping for a long-lasting winter road season so residents can travel and essential goods can be transported via truck. “Every year, you worry: ‘If they’re not […]

Planes Are Ruining the Planet. New, Mighty Airships Won’t.

Article By Starre Julia Vartan – onezero.medium.com This August, Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic in a zero-emission sailboat to protest the high carbon footprint of plane travel. But there’s good reason to think she may someday travel to climate protests via airship — the same giant aircraft, buoyed by gas-filled balloons, that were popular […]

Quebec defends $ 30 million investment in airships

Article By Mylène Crête in Quebec City – www.ledevoir.com The Quebec government is right to invest $ 30 million in the construction of industrial airships, according to Barry Prentice, a transportation economics expert at the University of Manitoba who has been interested in this technology for many years. “This industry is still in its infancy, […]

The Canoe of the 21st Century?

Article By Josh Dehaas The problems plaguing Canada’s isolated, fly-in First Nations communities are well-known: dependence on welfare and public housing, a high cost of living and few educational or employment opportunities. The best and brightest often leave for the South, while those left behind live with crumbling and ill-maintained infrastructure and experience high rates […]



Article By FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE – WORLD AIR SPORTS FEDERATION Photo credit: FAI August 2019 marks the 90 year anniversary of the first round-the-world airship journey, made by German pilot Dr Hugo Eckener and his passengers in the rigid airship, Graf Zeppelin. The Graf Zeppelin was already famous, having already made a 71-hour, 6384.50km journey […]

Making a case for returning airships to the skies

Making a case for returning airships to the skies

Article By International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain Reintroducing airships into the world’s transportation-mix could contribute to lowering the transport sector’s carbon emissions and can play a role in establishing a sustainable hydrogen based economy. According to the authors of an IIASA-led study, these lighter-than-air aircraft could ultimately increase the […]

The Legacy of Zeppelin Airship Innovation

The Legacy of Zeppelin Airship Innovation

Article By Doug Bonderud Photo credit: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images The rock band or the doomed blimp? Hydrogen explosions and catchy melodic hooks have hijacked our thinking about the term “Zeppelin.” Visceral television coverage of the Hindenburg disaster — and its scale — have largely overwritten the more storied tales of these luxurious sky kings. Consider […]

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