Published editorials written by members of ISOPolar or the public regarding the airship industry. Please contact ISOPolar to make a submission.

How airships could provide the future of green transport

By: AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD, www.telegraph.co.uk The UK is a leader in the airship revival, going head to head with France in an escalating global race Zeppelins and dirigible airships are with us again after eighty years out of favour – faster and hopefully much safer than in the inter-War era – promising ultra-low carbon air transport […]

Remembering the R-100 visit to Canada

By Kenneth I. Swartz ~ Skies Mag Ninety years ago, almost a million and a half Canadians looked skywards to see His Majesty’s Airship R-100 slowly sail across the sky on a 13-day visit to Quebec and Ontario following a record setting 3,364-mile (5,414-kilometre) non-stop flight from England. The 719-foot 9.5-inch (219-metre) long R-100 was […]

The airship is making a futuristic, luxury comeback

By Starre Vartan – July 28, 2020 Picture it: Dancing the night away with cocktails in hand, fresh air breezing over your skin as you step out onto a quiet balcony. Below, lights from small towns dot Earth’s darkened landscape as you pass overhead, the moon reflected in an inky lake. This is how air […]

Sky-high potential for airships

$30-million investment by Quebec government shows foresight into emerging transportation field By Martin Cash ~ Winnipeg Free Press Recent controversy about the Quebec government investing $30 million in a French airship company was like catnip for University of Manitoba logistics professor and world renowned airship expert, Barry Prentice. Prentice has been studying airships, talking to […]

How airships could return to our crowded skies

By Mark Piesing (BBC) Airships lost out to conventional aircraft after a series of disastrous crashes. But now safer technology could be the key to their return. Zeppelins fill the skies of Philip Pullman’s epic trilogy of fantasy novels, His Dark Materials. The giant airships of his parallel universe carry the mail, transport soldiers into […]

Milder winters raise ice road anxiety – Winnipeg Free Press

Remote Manitoba communities worried over looming loss of land access MAGGIE MACINTOSH AS climate change makes Manitoba winters increasingly unpredictable, leaders in remote First Nations are crossing their fingers, hoping for a long-lasting winter road season so residents can travel and essential goods can be transported via truck. “Every year, you worry: ‘If they’re not […]

Planes Are Ruining the Planet. New, Mighty Airships Won’t.

Article By Starre Julia Vartan – onezero.medium.com This August, Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic in a zero-emission sailboat to protest the high carbon footprint of plane travel. But there’s good reason to think she may someday travel to climate protests via airship — the same giant aircraft, buoyed by gas-filled balloons, that were popular […]

Quebec defends $ 30 million investment in airships

Article By Mylène Crête in Quebec City – www.ledevoir.com The Quebec government is right to invest $ 30 million in the construction of industrial airships, according to Barry Prentice, a transportation economics expert at the University of Manitoba who has been interested in this technology for many years. “This industry is still in its infancy, […]

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