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Advocates see Thompson as a place to test airships’ cold-weather performance

A University of Manitoba professor has worked for more than 20 years trying to prove the viability of lighter-than-air vehicles as cargo-delivering workhorses in Northern Manitoba and other regions where there are remote communities with limited transportation options. Ian Graham ~ Thompson Citizen / Nickel Belt News A local cold-weather testing booster and a long-time […]

Québec investit 55 millions dans des dirigeables géants

Québec investit 55 millions de dollars dans un projet audacieux de transport de machinerie lourde dans le Grand Nord québécois. ANDRÉ DUBUC ~ LA PRESSE Par l’intermédiaire d’Investissement Québec (IQ), la province injecte 25 millions d’euros dans le capital-actions de Flying Whales et 15 millions d’euros dans celui de sa filiale Les dirigeables Flying Whales […]

El primer estratopuerto de España se ubicará en Teruel y creará 600 empleos

Por DIARIO DE ZARAGOZA – Zaragoza El presidente de Aragón, Javier Lambán, y el presidente de Sceye, Mikkel Vestergaard, han anunciado la instalación en el aeropuerto de Teruel del primer estratopuerto de España y de los primeros de Europa, desde el que operarán aeronaves estratosféricas, aquellas que actúan a unos 20 kilómetros de la Tierra, […]

This European airline just ordered a fleet of airships

Air Nostrum, which operates flights under the Iberia Regional umbrella from its Valencia base, has ordered 10 Airlander 10 aircraft, with delivery scheduled for 2026. (Hybrid Air Vehicles) Julia Buckley ~ CNN As the quest for less environmentally damaging aviation continues, one Spanish airline has thrown its hat into the ring by ordering new hybrid […]

Sky-high potential for airships

$30-million investment by Quebec government shows foresight into emerging transportation field By Martin Cash ~ Winnipeg Free Press Recent controversy about the Quebec government investing $30 million in a French airship company was like catnip for University of Manitoba logistics professor and world renowned airship expert, Barry Prentice. Prentice has been studying airships, talking to […]

Quebec defends $ 30 million investment in airships

Article By Mylène Crête in Quebec City – The Quebec government is right to invest $ 30 million in the construction of industrial airships, according to Barry Prentice, a transportation economics expert at the University of Manitoba who has been interested in this technology for many years. “This industry is still in its infancy, […]

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