Older industry news that is no longer displayed in the news feed but is of importance to ISOPolar.

Zeppelins Seen Hauling Caterpillars to Mine Siberia: Commodities

Published in Bloomberg Sustainability, November 27th, 2013: “Robin Young of Amur Minerals Corp. wants to dig for nickel and copper in Siberia where forbidding winters and poor roads make it tough to haul in equipment. His best option: fly it in with zeppelins.” By Firat Kayakiran and Thomas Biesheuvel. Click here to read this article.

US Military Airship Programs

“The US military has invested billions in airship programs to track militants planting roadside bombs but the spyship experiment is losing altitude because of technical failures and changing priorities.” By Daniel De Luce. Published in the Manila Bulletin, October 30th, 2013: Click here to read this article.

Vintage Airship Pictures

“Since the 1850s, engineers have been experimenting with powered lighter-than-air flight, essentially balloons with steering and propulsion.” This is a collection of vintage airship pictures. Published in The Atlantic, October 11th, 2013: Click here to view these pictures.

Come Take a Trip in my Airship (1904)

Airship history: “Rendition by Welsh-born baritone singer J. W. Myers of a song composed in 1904 by fellow countryman George “Honey Boy” Evans and written by the American Ren Shields. The song would go on to be recorded, with slight variations, by a string of popular musicians including Jonny Cash and more recently Natalie Merchant.” […]

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