An archive of research-based publications written by members of ISOPolar about the airship industry.

Economics of Airships for Perishable Food Trade

By: Barry E. Prentice, Transport Institute, University of Manitoba, Richard P. Beilock, University of Florida, and Alfred J. Phillips, A.J. Phillips & Associates Introduction The flight of the world’s first heavier-than-air powered vehicle took just 12 seconds in 1903 and heralded the birth of a new transport mode. In the days, months, and years that […]

Re-supply and Emergency Response in Arctic Resource Development Applications for Lighter-Than-Air Technologies

By: Barry E. Prentice, Director and A.J. Phillips, Professional Affiliate Transport Institute, University of Manitoba Introduction The extraction of fossil fuels will form the basis of global energy needs for decades, regardless of advances in renewable energy sources. Moreover, petroleum resource development will be pushed further to the margins of human settlement, such as the […]

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