Remembering the R-100 visit to Canada

Remembering the R-100 visit to Canada

By Kenneth I. Swartz ~ Skies Mag

Ninety years ago, almost a million and a half Canadians looked skywards to see His Majesty’s Airship R-100 slowly sail across the sky on a 13-day visit to Quebec and Ontario following a record setting 3,364-mile (5,414-kilometre) non-stop flight from England.

The 719-foot 9.5-inch (219-metre) long R-100 was the largest airship in the world in 1930 (along with its sister ship R-101), and was designed to carry 100 passengers and 37 crew on regularly scheduled mail and passenger flights to Canada, Egypt and India.

The excitement generated by the R-100’s arrival inspired 800,000 people to travel to St. Hubert Airport to view the moored airship, which was three times longer than today’s Boeing 747 or Airbus A380.

The trans-Atlantic voyage between July 29 to August 16, 1930, promoted the coming age of scheduled airship flights linking Canada and England, but in a twist of fate this never occurred.

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